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Quality Policy

Our organization believes in Total Quality Management (TQM) and provides quality in services and its products. The main goal of our organization and team members is to satisfy customers and retain them for future through quality in our products & services. We try to satisfy our customer's basic, expected & augmented needs by following quality principles which includes quality assurance and quality trilogy. Achievement of this policy involves all staff, who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all. This policy is provided and explained to each employee by the Board of directors of the company.

The Quality Assurance System applies to all activities of the Company, and has been developed in accordance with industry standard quality guidelines.

The quality management concept evolves from practical on-the-job lessons and the organization's strategy. Its implementation is effectively managed through a comprehensive, practical and well-designed process. Constant review and audit of this system ensures its applicability and use throughout the organization.

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